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Our shelter staff understands cats, and our shelter is a place where your pet can feel cared for, happy and safe while you are away.  Our goal is to provide the winning combination of watchful supervision, gentle care, and highest sanitation to maintain your feline with a healthy, clean environment each time they visit.


Pre-boarding visits are welcome by appointment.
Spacious floor to ceiling luxury suites feature solid divider walls to protect your kitty's privacy during naptime.  Your pet will have daily socialization with staff and other cats if suitable.  The solarium is spacious, airy and full of windows overlooking a calming river view.  Our care team provides litter and litter boxes, cat dishes and bedding.

Please bring enough food for your cat's stay, preferably in a sealed container.  You are encouraged to bring your cat's favorite toys and their own bedding if machine washable.  All cats over five months of age must spayed or neutered, and you must bring proof of your pet's up-to-date immunizations (Leukemia - 1 year, Distemper - 1 year, Rabies - 1 or 3 year).

We are open for boarding 365 days a year including all major holidays at no extra cost.  Please no drop off or pick up on the holiday.  Please provide 24 hour notice of cancellations.  All animals should arrive confined in a pet carrier.

Pets arriving with any infestation will be treated at an additional expense to the owner, or may be refused.  Medications should be in the original container with the medication name, dosage, and prescribing veterinarians name and phone number.

Our boarding fees are $14 per day, 2 cats housed together is $22 per day.  $2 discount per day after 30 days.  Additional discounts and rates available for more same household cats.  Please fill out our Boarding Application Form before you drop off your cats.

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